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INFO | Yield calculations are primarily executed to predict the annual electricity production (AEP), expressed in [MWh/a]. The accuracy of the calculations is related with the source and quality of the wind data. Supplemented with other items in the uncertainty-analysis the nett park production is determined. Expressed in P50, P90,P95 or P99, the desired class of statistical certainty for the results of nett production is indicated. Solidwinds uses different tools to this purpose, among which is the software-package WindPro. Windspeed, energy-density and turbulence are mapped on micro-scale, enabling to determine the most efficient turbine layout. Supplementary, the influence of the proposed turbine-types and -nacelle-heights,fixed production losses, internal windshading losses, and environmental losses on the annual electricity production are made transparant.

Solidwinds offers both advice for separate parts of the aforementioned method, and complete evaluation reports from wind measurement data to (optimized) nett annual electricity production.

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