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INFO | A conventional wind measurement campaign is executed with a measurement mast which is equipped with a number of instruments and complies with standardization demands (IEC 61400-12) and recommendations. A measurement campaign offers a.o. insight in the local wind climate (year-average windspeed and direction, shape windprofile, turbulence) and forms the foundation of a windstudy. A windstudy is requested by banks as a condition for providing project financing. In addition a windstudy offers project developers and turbine-manufacturers valuable information about the suitability of a specific turbine for the relevant site site specific conditions. For more complex sites (f.e. high roughness and/or large height differences) site-specific measurement data is important for pinpointing the most optimal turbine locations. An optimal turbine layout will result in optimal yearly electricity production and maximum lifetime of the windturbines.

Solidwinds offers advice and support in setting up a measurement campaign, including determining the most fit location and type of measurement mast and selecting a mast supplier. Also data-management, filtering and interpretation is offered by Solidwinds.

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